Grade A

No Crack

No Chip

No Watermark

No Scratches

No Major Dent

Scractches Less Than 50%

No Engraving or Removed Engraving

No Visible Scrathces on Screen

Very Minimal Signs of Wear

Grade B

No Crack

Edge Chip < 2.0mm Acceptable

Visible Scratches Acceptable

Watermark No Bigger Than a Dime Acceptable

Minor Dent

Removed Engraving Acceptable

Will Show Some Signs of Wear

Grade C

No Crack

Edge Chip < 5.0mm Acceptable

Visible Scratches

Possible Dent

Will Show Heavy Signs of Wear


At smartphone Depot, we strive our best to provide the best quality of products.
However, we understand mistakes happens and this is why we provide 30 day warranty for functionality. (Doesn’t include cosmetics). It is very important and core of our business to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the goods they procure at Smartphone Depot.

Smartphone-Depot reserve the rights to accept, deny or exchange any RMA


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